Long Time Medical Marijuana Advocate Lori Burnam Passes Away

 by lucy

Lori Burnam, a long time advocate for medical marijuana, passed away last Thursday after her condition took a turn for the worse.  One of the most recognized Montana medical marijuana patients, Burnam testified in the initial hearing in the Montana Cannabis Industry Association lawsuit over a year and a half ago and appeared in the documentary Code of the West, which focused on Montana’s medical marijuana policy reform.

Burnam, who was in her 60′s, suffered from glaucoma and used medical marijuana to help control her symptoms.  Burnam also used marijuana to combat symptoms of emphysema and advanced cancer.

Co-worker and friend Chris Lindsey remembers Burnam fondly.

“I really enjoyed spending a lot of time with her. She just has a world of knowledge and felt very strongly about the cause that she really adopted as her own over the last few years, and I drew a lot of strength from her because of that,” Lindsey recalled.

Hopefully Burnam’s legacy of activism will continue to live on in Montana, and in all medical marijuana states around the country.



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    K-Budzz said on Jan 14, 2013

    Rest in paradise

  2. 0

    Nadroj said on Jan 14, 2013

    RIP… you will be missed :(

  3. 0

    coldfire said on Jan 14, 2013

    RIP, we will continue to fight the war on weed.

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    minipunch said on Jan 21, 2013


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