UCONN Ranked #1 For Student Drug Activism

 by lucy

High Times magazine has ranked The University of Connecticut #1 in the nation for marijuana activism.  The ranking graded colleges across the United States in terms of their contributions toward marijuana legalization, policy reform, and education.

High Times explained that, “The Huskies of UCONN SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) have led the pack this year in reforming marijuana policy both on and off campus.  Most notably, they played a huge role in helping pass medical marijuana legislation in Connecticut by hosting rallies, coordinating student-lobbying efforts and testifying before lawmakers.”

The school was honored by the ranking.  According to Sam Tracy, former president of the Undergraduate Student Government and treasurer of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, “The ranking is very important because we were ranked number one out of hundreds of schools with SSDP chapters across the country.  Last year, we were ranked number nine and the year before than number ten.  This is the first time we have been ranked number one.  This recognizes our efforts in decriminalizing marijuana and lobbying, rallying, and organizing that went into reforming UConn’s drug policy.”

Last year, UConn’s Office of Community Standards changed its drug policy to have marijuana offenses have similar punishments to alcohol offenses.

Tracy explained that the ranking does not necessarily reflect students’ marijuana use at UConn, but rather their commitment to the marijuana movement.  “This is not a ranking in how much UConn students do marijuana but shows how active the student body is politically,” he said.  “Our SSDP body is very active in talking with representatives and coordinating with other lobbying groups.”

Ranked second on High Times’ list was Boston’s Northeastern University, followed by Oregon SSDP chapters, Brown University, and Piedmont Virginia Community College.



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    dankOG420 said on Sep 13, 2012

    Yeeaaahhh!!! Go CT!

  2. 0

    andyfibb said on Sep 13, 2012

    thats pretty dope haha now lets do that in evverywhere (colleges education = a plus) and legalizee

  3. 0

    DankHydroKush said on Sep 14, 2012

    atta boy!!! CT Represent!

  4. 0

    TuckStyles said on Sep 14, 2012

    Damn straight! I run a smokeshop near UCONN and they are definitely some of the best customers around. #EastCoastRep

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