3 Arrested in Pennsylvania Synthetic Marijuana Ring

 by lucy

Three Pennsylvania residents are facing several charges after police purchased thousands of dollars of synthetic marijuana as a part of an undercover investigation.  Synthetic marijuana has been illegal in Pennsylvania since August 2011.

Two men, Ala Hassan Nassar and Abdallah Hasan Matariyeh, and a woman, Linsey Montgomery, are all facing charges in the case.

According to police, a confidential informant bought synthetic marijuana from Montgomery in December 2011.  After the purchase occurred, a search warrant was executed at Montgomery’s place of work, the Broad Street Market in Grove City, PA.

Nassar, the store’s owner, was arrested after police discovered 1,366 grams of synthetic marijuana being kept at the store.  Both Nassar and Montgomery were charged with delivery and/or possession with intent to deliver.

After those arrests were made, police were made aware that Nassar had more drugs than were discovered at the store.  A different informant contacted him and negotiated the sale of 200 packets (1 gram each) of synthetic marijuana.  Nassar told the informant that the drugs were “selling like crazy.”  The sale would have brought Nassar approximately $1,000, as each packet was selling for $15 to $20 on the street.

That buy went down successfully, and the same informant met Nassar there again for a second buy, this time for 500 packets totaling $3,600.  There, Nassar was arrested along with Matariyeh, who was with him during the sale.  Officers seized an additional 93 one gram packets, as well as Nazar’s BMW.  After searching the home that Nassar and Matariyeh shared, another $17,700 in cash was seized.

Nassar currently faces several charges of delivery and possession with intent to deliver, criminal use of a communication facility and conspiracy, and possession of synthetic marijuana.  Both men have been arraigned with bonds set at $20,000, and preliminary hearings have been set for February 16th.



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    DMTrees said on Feb 10, 2012

    Don’t put the name marijuana in something as awful as Spice/K2. Marijuana (better yet, CANNABIS) is an amazing plant with so much potential to help people. Spice/K2, on the other hand, is just pure nonsense. If you can die from it, then it does not resemble marijuana at all. Fuck the system!

  2. 3

    HighAsFuck said on Feb 13, 2012

    I say police need to be spending more time getting spice off the streets than they should getting rid of mary-j. But ofcourse that wont happen cause the police force in this country is too fucking stupid

  3. 2

    alpha said on Feb 13, 2012

    I agree totally with the above statements-here in NY you can buy this garbage which does nothing for pain at all imo. BUT if you need help with pain like I do from opiates once and awhile you are most likely going to go into a pain clinic which will have you sign a controlled substance agreement. This basically is to make sure you are taking , not selling your opiate based pain meds, and in the mean time they’ll check for other drugs. So there goes one of the best things I have ever used to dull my pain and more importantly take my thoughts away from the pain if even for just a few hours. They also check for coke and other harder drugs but ironically I could do these because of the half life of them and totally get away with it( I do not do them). Where we all know how long it takes for mj to get out of your system. LEGALIZE MJ and BAN K@2/SPICE PRODUCTS!

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    kittyhawk said on Aug 29, 2014

    Stupid they shouldn't be arrested and it shouldn't be banned!!! What should be done is just like cigs and alcohol card um no one under 21 should be able to buy this shit why do we all have to suffer cause some some spoiled lil high school kid can't handle his $hit!!! Dumb hooligans ruin it for the rest of us who don't abuse it and who really need it!

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