Federal Officials Seize Land in Oregon Medical Marijuana Case

 by lucy

The federal government is attempting to seize two Applegate, Valley, OR properties that were allegedly used to grow marijuana under the state’s medical marijuana program.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors filed court papers in the US District Court in Portland to launch a forfeiture case against the land where High Hopes marijuana is grown by James Bowman.  Bowman does not own the properties and has not been charged with a crime, but feds are still moving forward with the seizures.

One of the properties is owned by Melissa Yager, who federal officials believe is Bowman’s girlfriend, according to court filings.  The other is owned by William Day Boddorff, who rented a small part of his farm land to Bowman for marijuana cultivation.

Bowman had assured Boddorff not to be worried about forfeiture suits because he was following the state’s medical marijuana law.

Both properties were raided September 18th by DEA agents.  At Yager’s farm, 601 marijuana plants and over 400 pounds of marijuana were seized by agents.  Oregon’s medical marijuana law stipulates that no more than 400 plants could be grown on that property.  At Boddorff’s farm,  206 plants and an unspecified amount of dried marijuana were seized.  According to an affidavit, Boddorff’s farm is a registered grow site for up for 354 mature marijuana plants.

Under federal law, there is technically a process for the government to seize properties involving crimes even if no federal charges have been filed.



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    Mike-420 said on Nov 9, 2012

    Damn someone had a nice stash going :P

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