Olive Hill, KY Mayor Arrested for Selling Marijuana

 by lucy

The small town of Olive Hill, Kentucky is in need of a new mayor.  Mayor Danny Sparks tendered his resignation after he was arrested on Wednesday night for allegedly selling marijuana in the parking lot of an elementary school.

Police led a weeks long investigation into Sparks, which ended with Sparks allegedly selling an unspecified amount of marijuana to an undercover informant.

Sparks was charged with trafficking marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, which is a felony.

As a result of the scandal, Sparks has stepped down from his position as mayor.  In a statement he explained, “Due to a very bad mistake that I have made tonight, and have failed the trust of the good people of Olive Hill, my friends and most of all my family, I have decided with deep regret to resign tonight as Mayor of Olive Hill.”

On Thursday a special council meeting was held in the town and many community members went to hear what would happen next.  However, Sparks’ resignation was never addressed.

Sparks did not attend the meeting.  In order to have his letter of resignation be considered official, Sparks has to present it to the council.

Resident Don Lykins told the press, “This is a bad situation, we have a bunch of people here who do not want controversy, they don’t want the bad press that comes from something like this.”

Sparks was re-elected in a close race in 2012.



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    elmarijuano said on Dec 1, 2012

    What a douche

  2. 0

    Chubbs said on Dec 1, 2012

    In a school parking lot? Really?

  3. 0

    MACVISHION said on Dec 1, 2012

    Ya what dumbass. Couldn't even do it in his office likea a professional. Dbag for sure

  4. 0

    alpha said on Dec 1, 2012

    yeh i wonder who chose the spot-fuckin idiot if the "Mayor" did.

  5. 0

    TeaAcheSea said on Dec 2, 2012

    That story seems sketchy. Kentucky is strict as shit on bud…what the hell is a mayor doing pushing out of a parking lot? Call me a conspiracy theorist but Im saying this is a dirty situation. Set up or something. If this is legit it just goes to show how brainless you can be and end up a mayor…

  6. 0

    redlaser said on Dec 3, 2012

    Poor call on his part to deliver to his buddies home turf, even if he's flat out. Shoulda waited till after school, must of got too comfortable in a smaller town. I've lived in towns of 500 and less and you do seem isolated, ours only had a part time cop. Still first rate idiot or set up or made up.

  7. 0

    420Tokes said on Dec 10, 2012


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