Colorado Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act 2,400 Signatures Short

 by lucy

NUGGETRY News had reported that a line by line review of the signatures from Colorado’s Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act was mandated by the Secretary of State’s Office.  This week, the Act was found to be 2,409 signatures short of winning approval for the general election ballot.  Supporters have 15 additional days to reach the required number of signatures.

163,632 signatures were supported by RMLA, which was almost twice the number of signatures required for the Act to make it onto the ballot.  However, 79,936 of those signatures were invalid.

The initivative needed 86,105 signatures in order to make it onto the ballot, and only 83,969 were considered acceptable by Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office.

RMLA supporter Mason Tvert told Westword, “Today’s news is unexpected, but it is really just a very small bump in the road on our journey to end the irrational policy of marijuana prohibition in the state.”



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    FTLMATADOR said on Feb 4, 2012

    damn…i think it might happen…15 days and only 2409 signatures looks promising to me

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      Tokeahontas said on Feb 6, 2012

      They said that they average approx 3,000 signatures per week on the first go around. The issue is, half those signatures were apparently not legit. So they’re definitely going to have to hustle.

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    dallas said on Feb 6, 2012

    3k x 2 = 6k. 6k – 50% = 3000

    3000 > 2409.

    They are going to have to hustle. But is completely manageable.

    In San Jose/San Diego (during the referendums) there was a 20% drop off (or there about) from the needed signatures.

    The problem is, the signature gathering companies often are paid per 1000 sigs and there isn’t much of an accounting if they are legit or not.

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      said on Feb 7, 2012

      Petitioners actually make a few bucks per signature. I have heard sometimes up to like 2-3 bucks per signature, which isn’t bad if you hussle.

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    FTLMATADOR said on Feb 6, 2012

    i just wanna let you guys now wherever it is sold like alcohol…ill be moving there then ill have to wait 2 years but oh well :)

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    Uk-Hoova-Lungs said on Feb 7, 2012

    probably lying about those numbers

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    Woofy said on Feb 7, 2012

    I figured this would happen. I called a friend that still works with the DPA and they said that the signatures were dropping like flies when they were getting analyzed. The only problem with 2.5k new signatures is you have to find new ones. People that already signed it aren’t going to count twice. That’ll be a stretch.

    Just go to Boulder and stand on the campus, signature collectors. You’ll get there fast if you didn’t already use that tactic.

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    spkavyo said on Feb 8, 2012

    Where do you go to sign the petition? Has there been an announcement of where to go to sign?

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      Tokeahontas said on Feb 8, 2012

      This is their website and it lists where you can go to sign. I’m not sure if they’re still updating this now that the official original collection time is over but there’s a contact link there, too.

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