Deadline for Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Signature Collection Nears, Group Faces Setbacks

 by lucy

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA) is an initiative to regulate the sale and use of cannabis.  Should the Act garner enough signatures to appear on the November ballot and be approved by Oregon voters, it will end marijuana prohibition and legalize the sale of marijuana to individuals age 21 and over.

On Thursday, OCTA was endorsed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555′s board of directors.  The support of such a large organization may help OCTA supporters get closer to the 87,213 signatures that they must collect in order to get the measure onto the ballot.

Along with the positive impact that the new endorsement will bring, OCTA has also faced its fair share of setbacks in recent weeks.  The organization submitted close to 100,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office in May as a part of the early submission process, but almost 40% of those signatures were rejected.

Most of the signatures were rejected because paid petitioners were not properly registered with the state or because signatures varied between the sheets and the signer’s state registration form.  Other signatures were deemed invalid because the signer was not registered to vote or because the signer had moved.  In addition, a number of petitioners are being prosecuted for forging signatures.

The OCTA committee now has the option to fight the ruling, or they can continue to gather signatures and submit them for the July 6th deadline.  Should they have enough sugnatures by July 6th, the initiative would still be eligible to appear on the general election ballot in November.



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