Marijuana Legalization Debate Held In Missouri

 by lucy

On Wednesday night, two experts debated the pros and cons of marijuana legalization in Missouri.  The debate was held by the St. Louis Ethical Society.

Arguing in favor of marijuana legalization was John Payne, Executive Director of Show Me Cannabis.  Arguing against marijuana legalization was Jason Greliner, former president of the Missouri Narcotics Officer’s Association.

The two men debated for over an hour with 200 audience members in attendance.  Audience members were not allowed to participate, but they were able to submit written questions for the debaters to address.

Payne argued that treating marijuana like alcohol was the best policy, while Greliner expressed concern about the strength of marijuana today, noting that “the THC levels back in the 1960s and 1970s were around 1-2%, now we’re seeing the regular street kids with 11% spiking at 20.”

Following that, Payne brought up the failures of prohibition.  While Greliner didn’t wholly disagree, he did contest that prohibition of marijuana is better than legalization because it limits the number of accepted marijuana users.

Show Me Cannabis plans to poll Missourians in 2014 to see if there is enough support in the state to put marijuana legalization on the ballot next year.


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    MidwstDabr said on Dec 19, 2013

    I see a bright and positive future ahead of me! LEGALIZE IT :MIDWST DABBERS

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