New Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization

 by lucy

Colorado and Washington voters legalized marijuana this November.  Now it seems that the majority of voters in the United States support their decision.

A new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows that 51% of voters in the United States support marijuana legalization while only 44% oppose it.

The poll found that men support marijuana legalization more than women.  59% of men support legalization and 36% oppose it, while only 44% of women support legalization and 52% oppose it.

Voters are also divided on the subject by an age gap.  A majority of people over the age of 65 oppose marijuana legalization, while nearly 66% of people under age 29 support it.

Pollster Peter Brown explained, “It seems like that given the better than 2-1 majority among younger voters, legalization is just a matter of time.”

This was the first time the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute conducted a survey on marijuana use and legalization.  The national survey was conducted between November 28 and December 3.



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    MACVISHION said on Dec 5, 2012

    Just a matter of time..

  2. 0

    SweetSoulB said on Dec 5, 2012

    Just gotta be patient.

  3. 0

    KAI said on Dec 5, 2012

    Duh they brainwashed that generation haha
    Of course they don't want it, they believed reefer madness xD L.M.A.O.

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    roadkill said on Dec 5, 2012

    totally saw this on msnbc this mornin went woot woot. an my dad said what told the stats an he was like dam nice im happy for you. he doesnt like me smoking but he doesnt debat me on it either. lol

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    eternal.luv said on Dec 5, 2012

    Yeah just a matter of time but time is running out it is a race between the environment collapsing perishing all life and hemp & cannabis liberation healing the world with the results to come in the next 20+ years.

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    bakd_balla said on Dec 5, 2012

    It's about time

  7. 0

    BlazinAlberts said on Dec 6, 2012

    yuup.. do it

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