New Poll Shows Support for Marijuana Legalization Growing in Washington

 by lucy

With new polls being conducted weekly, Washington appears to be the state that is most likely to become the first to legalize marijuana this November.

A poll released yesterday by Strategies 360 found a 54% to 38% lead for I-502, Washington’s marijuana legalization initiative.  7% of voters polled were undecided.  A larger poll conducted last week by KCTS 9 found a 51% to 41% lead among all voters.  Among likely voters, it led 47% to 40%.

The Strategies 360 poll found that 34% of those who polled in favor of legalization “strongly support” I-502 and 20% “somewhat support” it.

Washington has seen growing support in recent weeks, unlike Colorado, which was seen a weakening of support and a growth in opposition lately.  They still have a chance, though.  In Colorado, Amendment 64 still leads 48% to 43% in the polls.

The Strategies 360 poll spoke with 500 registered voters from October 17 through October 20.  The KCTS 9 poll was conducted by polling 782 registered voters and 644 likely voters between October 1 and October 16.




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