Oregon Marijuana Legalization Supporters Turn in Signatures

 by lucy

On Friday, proponents of a marijuana legalization initiative in Oregon turned in over 165,000 signatures in hopes of getting the initiative on the November general election ballot.

That is almost double the amount of valid signatures required by the Secretary of State’s office.

Chief Petitioner Paul Stanford expressed his confidence, stating, “With nearly double the signatures needed, we’re confident we’ll qualify for the ballot and we’re excited to start reaching out to common-sense Oregon voters across the state.”

Should the initiative make it onto the Oregon ballot and be approved by voters, marijuana use and possession would be legalized for individuals 21 and older.  Marijuana would only be sold legally at state-approved stores.  Revenues from marijuana sales would go to the state general fund and drug addiction education and treatment, as well as hemp and biodiesel promotion.

In Oregon, proposed constitutional amendments require 116,284 valid voter signatures and changes to state law require 87,000 valid voter signatures.

Friday was the final deadline to turn in petition signatures.  State election officials now have approximately one month, until August 5, to verify the signatures.



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  1. 2

    420tokers said on Jul 7, 2012

    FUCK YA!! everybody in Oregon better vote

  2. 0

    TheUndead said on Jul 7, 2012

    Damn so does that mean like fully legalized? As in anybody over 21 can go buy some marijuana like beer or cigarettes? That is dope as fuck if thats true. Sure wish this would happen in NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2

    Oblivion21 said on Jul 7, 2012

    If there were a state to do it, Oregon would be that one. This is definitely not the first time it's been brought up in a ballot but maybe this time! Go Ducks!!!

  4. 0

    559airandtrees said on Jul 7, 2012

    That would be really cool its time for 40 years of bullshit to end

  5. 0

    jjdub428 said on Jul 8, 2012

    i know im votin repin oregon bud and bho now!!!

  6. 0

    NISMOTOKER said on Jul 10, 2012

    this is quite wonderful i hope this goes through it could really show people how legalization can work!

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