Pennsylvania Senator Proposes Marijuana Legalization Legislation

 by lucy

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach announced plans to introduce a marijuana legalization initiative in the state.  Working with Leach are two co-sponsors, Democrats from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  Leach plans to introduce the bill within the next week for the 2013-14 legislative session.

In the 2011-12 legislative session Leach introduced a medical marijuana bill but it did not make it out of committee.  Of his push toward legalization, Leach explained, “It’s tough in the short-term.  It’s inevitable in the long-term.  Because of demographics and exposure to other states, the opposition to this is going to melt away very quickly.  We’ve already reached the tipping point.”

Republican Governor Tom Corbett does not believe legalization in PA is inevitable, however.  In the past he has made it clear that he would veto any marijuana legalization bill, even one for medical marijuana.  His spokesman, Kevin Harley, told the press, “He believes that smoking marijuana is a crime, should remain a crime and that marijuana is a gateway drug.”

Under Leach’s bill, marijuana would be available to possess, purchase, and consume for individuals age 21 and over.  People could legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow six plants of their own.  As for sales, Leach explained that, “At least initially, it would be sold at state liquor stores and beer distributors.”

Leach admitted to having smoked marijuana in high school in the ’70s, but says he is a vegetarian and an athlete who does not smoke and rarely drinks.



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    alpha said on Jan 10, 2013

    Back and forth-just get it thru-closer to my homestate

  2. 0

    Elvers said on Jan 10, 2013

    it's about time somebody got their head on strait instead of it being stuck in the sand.!!! and coming to life. the 30's movie went bye the waste side a long time ago.!!! come to the real world .!!!

  3. 3

    JaketheJew said on Jan 10, 2013

    Wow, Pennsylvania? First time I have ever seen my state linked to anything pro-marijuana. I would feign in disbelief if this actually followed through.

  4. 0

    LordTHC said on Jan 10, 2013

    gate way drug!?!?!?!?! i want to strangle this guy! the only gate way drug is alcohol!

    • 0

      doctorwizzy said on Jan 19, 2013

      gateway drug is a nonesense term…like in the documentary 'the union' one person says an alcoholic could have started their life drinking milk, does that make milk a gateway drug?

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