Poll Shows Colorado Voters’ Support of Marijuana Legalization is Growing

 by lucy

A poll was released this week by Public Policy Polling which showed that a growing number of voters in Colorado are in favor of Amendment 64, a measure that would legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol.

The PPP polled 779 likely voters in the state between August 2nd and 5th.  47% of those polled said that they would vote to approve Amendment 64 if the election were held today, and only 38% would vote against it.  15% of those who were polled were unsure of what they would do.

In June, individuals were surveyed and asked the same question.  Then, 46% of those polled approved of Amendment 64, while 42% opposed it.  This shows a great amount of progress for the initiative, which continues to gain steam as the November General Election nears.

According to the PPP, the increase in support for the amendment can be attributed to an increase in independents and young voters.  Among independents, 58% of those polled approved of Amendment 64, while only 28% were against it.  58% of voters under 45 support the amendment, while only 30% are against it.  However, only 26% of Republicans approve of the amendment, while 61% are against it.

The poll specifically asked the question, “Amendment 64 is an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning marijuana, and, in connection therewith, providing for the regulation of marijuana; permitting a person twenty-one years of age or older to consume or possess limited amounts of marijuana; providing for the licensing of cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, testing facilities, and retail stores; permitting local governments to regulate of prohibit such facilities; requiring the general assembly to enact an excise tax to be levied upon wholesale sales of marijuana; requiring that the first $40 million in revenue raised annually by such tax be credited to the public school capital construction assistance fund; and requiring the general assembly to enact legislation governing the cultivation, processing, and sale of industrial hemp.  If the election was today, would you vote for or against Amendment 64?”

In addition, the survey also asked, “In general, do you think marijuana usage should be legal or illegal?”  50% of voters stated that it should be legal, while 42% stated that it should be illegal.  8% were not sure.

A different poll conducted in June by Rasmussen showed that 61% of Colorado voters were in favor of legalizing marijuana, but this poll’s support numbers are the highest the PPP has seen in their own polls thus far.

Colorado voters had the opportunity to legalize marijuana in 2006, but it was rejected by voters.  However, advocates believe that support for legalization has grown drastically in the state over the last 6 years as voters have become more educated about the benefits of marijuana.



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    BlazinAlberts said on Aug 11, 2012

    Scooby dooby doooo!

  2. 3

    7beast1mode0 said on Aug 11, 2012


  3. 0

    JayB93 said on Aug 11, 2012

    I actually thought more people would be for it. I mean, Colorado is the one state that seems ahead of others in terms of toleration, yet 38% is still quite a lot to be against it. The best way for the numbers to rise is for masses to be educated on the subject. The 38% is just a result of misinformation and misconception. Not real opinion.

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      app25 said on Aug 15, 2012

      These polls usually dont include people under the age of 21, not by choice just kids don't usually run to the survey center to fill out a waste of time paper, that being said these numbers are amazing, 47 to 38 of basically adults, now tell me what teen is going to vote no on marijuana…they are the generation of pot they are voting YES

  4. 1

    TheUndead said on Aug 11, 2012

    Wow lets go Colorado!!!!!! We are all praying for you guys. Please pray for me over in New York they are so shitty about it over here. If turned MMJ it would have the strictest rules over any of the other states. Like only cancer patients and HIV patients and MS only could qualify. So dumb, I use it for ADHD, stress, depression. It works so wonderful I call it my medicine even though nobody else over does since its not MMJ.

    • 0

      app25 said on Aug 15, 2012

      Waste of time just move, New York is overrated no pot weird MMA laws one of the worst places for me to live.

  5. 0

    Gossett said on Aug 12, 2012

    Looks like I need to move to Colorado if it passes even though I live in Cali where the best is. Just so tired of all the BS going on in my state recently.

    • 1

      DenverNugs said on Aug 12, 2012

      Haha… It's always cute when people from California believe they are smoking on "The best"

      • 0

        TheUndead said on Aug 12, 2012

        Ya I agree since even the nuggetry crew says they have unbelievable fire. Nobody ever at 1 time or another ever has "The Best" there is always better because its always getting better.

        • 0

          soursteve said on Aug 13, 2012

          Having the best concentrate is what matters the most. and i believe Nikka T is the motherfucking king in this department. CO

    • 0

      app25 said on Aug 15, 2012

      Ya once you pass the invisible force field of the California border any pot or seed turns to dust because getting something from Cali is just not possible, that's why in Colorado we just use what we have until one day we manage to do the impossible and transfer an actual strain from California to Colorado…I know I know you guys are the best and all but one day man WE WILL GO TO THE MOOON

  6. 0

    glas said on Aug 13, 2012

    I like that it includes industrial use in the question, and in the law. One state shows how much help there is outside of just using it as a drug, that will become that much more force to make other states fall in line as well. Medical, recreational, industrial!…… now Dabs away!

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