Stephen Colbert Announces Stoners Will Decide the Presidential Election

 by lucy

On his Thursday night show, Stephen Colbert said that he believes marijuana will be the issue that drives the 2012 presidential election, as gay marriage was in 2004.

With Romney and Obama extremely close in the polls, marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballots in a number of states may drive young people out to the polls when they otherwise may not have.  Democrats are hopeful that this will work out in President Barack Obama’s favor, as many young people tend to be liberal.

On his show Colbert joked, “Marijuana support is at a record high, just like its supporters.  This is the ultimate grassroots campaign.”

He continued sarcastically, “We all know pot smokers are highly motivated, organized and punctual.  There is nothing they would not love more than getting off the couch, putting on pants, and going to gyms packed with judgmental old people.”

All jokes aside, there is some truth to the comedian’s statement.  Now more than ever, marijuana supporters are being vocal and proactive about their rights to access the drug.  Marijuana legalization initiatives will likely appear on the general election ballot in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Nebraska, Massachusetts and Oregon this November, which may inspire more young people to vote in those states.

However, just because a higher than usual volume of stoners may turn out at the polls due to these legalization initiatives, that does not guarantee that they will vote to re-elect President Obama as the Democrats are hoping.  Obama is viewed as someone who has let down the marijuana community, and he may be overlooked for a candidate like Libertarian Gary Johnson, who strongly supports legalization of marijuana throughout the country.


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    Elvers said on Jun 15, 2012

    I would suggest to keep Obama in,! because Romney has already shown his colors when it comes to pot. he's a very hateful person, if you don't see this your blind as a bat!!!

  2. 2

    BA said on Jun 15, 2012

    Obama has shown his colors when it comes to pot too….more dispensaries raided under his administration than any other administration…that includes 8 years of Bush.

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    dab192 said on Jun 16, 2012

    In all seriousness Mitt is actually all for states rights on issues like MMJ. He just doesn't like it but won't deny it to patients but I guarantee not let it get legalized. Ron Paul seems like the clear MMJ candidate to me. Write-in!

  4. 1

    Gossett said on Jun 16, 2012

    I need to check Gary Anderson out because I definitely didn't vote for Obama in the primary.

  5. 1

    tweezweed said on Jun 16, 2012

    hell ya im voting for gary!

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    Globalinfo said on Jun 19, 2012

    Fix your lives first people.

    Who gives a shit about the united states of nazi america, and their fascist regime, fuckem,

    ron paul 2012

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