Uruguayan President Signs Marijuana Legalization Law

 by lucy

On Monday night, Uruguayan President Jose Mujica signed a bill into law that legalizes the possession, sale, and use of marijuana.  Mujica has long supported the bill, claiming it will minimize the violence associated with the illegal drug trade.

The law will go into effect on April 9.  Now, the Uruguayan government must finalize the set of regulations for the country’s legal marijuana program.  It has already been determined that Uruguay residents will be able to grow up to six marijuana plants at home.  Those who need it for medical purposes will be able to buy weed from pharmacies after registering with a national database.

In order to undercut the black market, President Mujica plans to have marijuana sold at $1 per gram.  The average price of pot on the black market in Uruguay is currently $1.40 per gram.

By signing the bill into law, President Mujica made Uruguay the first country to ever fully legalize marijuana.  The President has received criticism from the UN, as well as other politicians in Uruguay, who fear that legalizing marijuana will lead to addiction and abuse.



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    redlaser said on Dec 26, 2013

    Great news for Uruguay, and hopefully they can keep quality in stock at one dollar a gram. I think they can only have an ounce and a half a month though.

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