Washington Governor Plans To Meet with Attorney General Regarding Marijuana Legalization

 by lucy

Next week, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee will meet in Washington DC with US Attorney General Holder to discuss the implementation of I-502.  Gov. Inslee initiated the meeting about the legal marijuana program, hoping to get clarity on the federal government’s stance on I-502 but also to keep them informed of progress that has been made thus far.

Inslee’s communications director David Postman told the press, “The governor asked for the meeting to discuss implementation of the marijuana law: He and (Washington) Attorney General (Bob) Ferguson see it as the start of what will likely be an ongoing discussion with the federal government about implementing what Washington voted for in November.”

Since he will already be in Washington for President Obama’s inauguration, Inslee felt it was an appropriate time to meet with the attorney general.

Before the November election, Inslee had reservations about I-502 and said that he personally would not vote in favor of it.  However, he pledged to implement the initiative if it passed and has since worked to do so.

I-502 is progressing, with the State Liquor Control Board starting to hold public meetings about its implementation next week.



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    TheUndead said on Jan 19, 2013

    Very Nice

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    DaJointGuy said on Jan 20, 2013

    Inslee is 100% against I-502 hes going to tell the feds that the liquor control board is a bunch of dulbshits and won't be able to do.anything until further notice…

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