Washington Receives Over 100 Applications For Marijuana Consultant Position

 by lucy

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has received 112 submissions for the opportunity to contract with the state as marijuana consultant.  While the state is open to  hiring a single individual, it will likely be a group that is contracted.

The state needs experts on growing, law, distributing marijuana, and demand.  It is not likely that one person will be an expert in all areas, so Washington is allowing groups to team up.

The board has provided clear requirements for what they are looking for in consultants, but expect to receive a number of resumes from under-qualified individuals who want the job.  In addition to their resumes, applicants were required to submit full proposals proving their skills and plans.

The submissions were reviewed yesterday.  Next week, they plan to announce how many of those submissions are qualified for consideration.

The contract will be awarded on March 5.  The contract consulting work pays up to $100,000, but candidates can bid lower to make themselves look more appealing to the state.



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