Arizona House Panel Votes to Ban MMJ On College Campuses

 by lucy

An Arizona House panel voted yesterday to ban the use and possession of marijuana on all college campuses in the state.

The ban was passed unanimously by members of the House Committee on Higher Education.

The vote was sparked by Representative Amanda Reeve revealing that the schools fear losing federal aid and federally backed student loans if they allow students and faculty members to possess medical marijuana.

Many schools in Arizona already have zero-tolerance policies on marijuana possession, medical or not, and some Representatives felt as though this law was simply backing up the rules that schools had already put into place.

Currently, the Arizona law which regulates the legalization of medical marijuana prohibits MMJ on public school campuses as well as its use in public places.

House Bill 2349 would add college and university campuses to the list of places where medical marijuana possession and use is banned.

Supporters of medical marijuana in Arizona say this decision is not legal.  A 1998 constitutional amendment prohibits lawmakers from altering any voter-approved initiative, which is exactly what Arizona lawmakers are attempting to do.



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