Cut-off Date for Some Colorado Collectives Arrives

 by lucy

Today is the day that over 20 medical marijuana collectives in Colorado are being forced to either close or relocate, due to their close proximity to schools.  Letters were sent out to collective owners last month, and the deadline to move is today, February 27th.

If collectives opt not to move or shut their doors, the US Attorney’s office has made it clear that they intend to take action against the businesses, either civil or criminal.

ARTICLE: Federal Prosecutors Announce Crackdown on MMJ Collectives in Colorado Located Within 1,000 Feet of Schools

So far, there is no sign that any of the collectives plan to resist the order.

US Attorney John Walsh has explained the necessity of the crackdown, due to the impact of the medical marijuana industry on teen’s access to the drug as well as their perception of marijuana.  In defense of this argument Walsh has cited statistics showing an increase in drug-related suspensions at schools in Colorado.

Walsh said, “One of our interests, without question, is protecting drug-free zones around schools.”


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