Montana Legislator Under Investigation by DEA

 by lucy

Diane Sands, a Montana Legislator, has come under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency.  According to Sands, she has no involvement with marijuana or medical marijuana outside of her professional life in terms of legislature, and she is confused as to why she has suddenly become a DEA target.

Sands is very liberal in her political views, and has fought for federal de-listing of marijuana in the past.  She has spoken frequently about wanting marijuana to be removed from Schedule I so that states may freely regulate marijuana without fear of federal repercussions.

Sands learned of her potential investigation from the attorney of a witness in a federal drug investigation.  The witness was allegedly asked if Sands was involved in a current drug conspiracy case.

“So now, if you’re a state legislator who has been working on medical marijuana laws, you are somehow part of a conspiracy,” Sands said.  “It’s ridiculous, of course, but it’s also threatening to think that the federal government is willing to use its influence and try to chill discussion about this subject.”

ARTICLE: Judge Rules Montana’s MMJ Program Doesn’t Protect Providers

Montana has received its fair share of attention from federal agents.  Last year there was a raid on Montana marijuana collectives, despite the fact that they were legally approved by an overwhelming majority vote in 2004.



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    eddie273273 said on Feb 7, 2012

    That’s how the DEA works with threats and intimidation . Next will come the 4am drug raid where the family pets will be murdered to send her a strong message .

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    irie_mountain_rx said on Feb 7, 2012

    fuck the feds

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