US Fire Administration Includes BHO Explosion Warning in Weekly Newsletter

 by lucy

In their weekly InfoGram newsletter the US Fire Administration has released a warning to members of the Emergency Services Sector about an increase in BHO-related explosions across the US.

The update was prompted by a recent explosion near San Diego where a couple was severely burned after their extraction exploded in a motel room.  The DEA was called in to review evidence in that case.

The message aims to inform members of the federal government about the extraction process, which is not as prominent in many areas of the country as it is in California, where the recent explosion occurred.

The newsletter explains, “Butane is necessary for the process and is available over-the-counter in 8-ounce cans. The extraction process uses one whole can and multiple cans will likely be at the scene. Butane is highly explosive, colorless, odorless and heavier than air and therefore can travel along the floor until it encounters an ignition source.”

It continues, “The process also uses isopropyl or anhydrous alcohol, both flammable; extraction vessels; glass dishes; ether and coffee filters. The resulting substance is a thick yellow-orange oil called hash oil, honey oil, Butane Honey Oil (BHO) or dabs.”

The newsletter also says that the legality of the production of marijuana concentrates in medical marijuana states is still in debate.

InfoGrams are intended to warn members of the Emergency Services Sector with information regarding the protection of their internal infrastructures.  According to their website, this pertains to “the proactive activities for protecting the personnel, physical assets, and communication/cyber systems so vital to the operations of the United States that their incapacity or destruction will seriously weaken national security, economic stability, or public safety.”

The fact that BHO creation is considered to be such a threat to public safety that it is being featured in this newsletter means that the government is becoming more aware of the presence of BHO and marijuana concentrates.  The newsletter makes no indication that the federal government is going to do anything to combat concentrate creation, but warns officials that the prevalence of explosions is increasing and could pose a risk to communities.

Other topics included in the InfoGram for this week included world fire statistics, vapor releases and industrial sites, and cyber attacks on government networks.



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  1. 0

    Stimulator said on Feb 14, 2013

    "bho or dabs" lol

  2. 1

    Dleafsmoke said on Feb 14, 2013

    dont remember the last time I used ether lawl doesnt seem like a good idea for bho:P Becoming aware of posibble dangers isnt a bad thing and it seems the government is taking no sides currently on the issue and is instead just informing of possible dangers to emergency services. I really wish there was some sort of big video press release just to hear some 65 year old politician say "dabs"

  3. 0

    Mike-420 said on Feb 15, 2013

    Someone really needs to write these people and actually EDUCATE them instead of allowing them to pass this bullshit error filled memo around…

    If we do nothing .. SOMETHINGS gonna happen.

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