Montreal Police Discover 2 Grow-ops, Almost 1,000 Plants

 by lucy

Montreal police discovered two marijuana growing operations Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  They are not certain whether the operations are connected, and are currently looking for one or more suspects.

At 9:30 PM on Saturday, police were called to a building to look into a potential breaking and entering situation.  As police entered the building to ensure its security, they discovered 800 marijuana plants throughout the two story building.  There were no suspects present at the building.

Later that evening, the fire department was called to a building to investigate a fire alarm going off and the smell of smoke.  Upon visiting the building, firefighters found nothing suspicious.  However, they were called in again approximately an hour later due to reports of stronger smelling smoke.

When firefighters entered the property, they discovered about 100 marijuana plants.  Again, there was no suspect on the premises.  Currently, police have not determined whether the two situations are connected.  The investigations have been handed over to Montreal’s police narcotics unit.



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