Over 550,000 Marijuana Plants Destroyed by Costa Rican Police

 by lucy

An operation was conducted from June 7 through June 21 in Talamanca, Costa Rica, to bring aid to the area’s residents.  As a part of these efforts, police destroyed 562,757 marijuana plants located in the remote area of the country. In addition to the destruction of the marijuana plants, police provided medicine, food, and humanitarian assistance to 190 Indians in the area.

Over the past two years, police have destroyed over 4 million marijuana plants in Talamanca, according to the Security Ministry.

The ministry explained that people native to the area plant marijuana with their other crops, including corn and plantains.

Talamanca is one of the most inaccessible areas of Costa Rica, with the country’s tallest mountains.  The area is home to a number of small Indian communities.

Marijuana is decriminalized in Costa Rica, but it is still illegal.  Usage of marijuana in Costa Rica is very high, and there is a general tolerance for smoking cannabis throughout the country.  However, the Security Ministry works to eliminate mass growing operations in order to deter drug cartels and drug smuggling.




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    tweezweed said on Jun 25, 2012

    Little did the police know, those 550,000 plants were being grown by the 160 Indians they so thought they aided. Now the Indians are really gonna be starving!

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    Mark-meds said on Jun 28, 2012

    Its sad to see a great country with high tolerance for smoking cannabis, hasn's been able to legalize it, they have all the conditions to do it… and the tourism would increase in %'s never seen before… the indians that live in those mountains shouln't pay the ingnorace of society.

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