Police Conduct Rome’s Largest Marijuana Bust

 by lucy

In Rome, Italy, police officers discovered the city’s largest marijuana growing site of all time below the vaults of the Bank of Italy.  The Bank of Italy is the equivalent to the US Federal Reserve.

Officers were out on patrol when they smelled marijuana coming from an air duct of an underground tunnel.  Temperatures in Rome have reached record highs this summer, which led the smells to permeate the air.

The officers followed the smell of the marijuana down into a tunnel that was originally built as part of a subway project that was abandoned after World War II.  After going down into the tunnel, police pushed aside a false wall and discovered a grow room that spanned over 40,000 square feet.

The grow room was hidden under the guise of being a mushroom growing facility.  But instead of mushrooms, police were greeted by thousands of marijuana plants, halogen lights, fertilization and irrigation systems, and climate control tools.

The growers cultivated an estimated 750 pounds of marijuana, with police in Rome are valuing at $3.7 million.

Police have arrested the owner of the mushroom growing business and are investigating connections that he may have to criminal organizations in the area.



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    Mike-420 said on Aug 14, 2012

    Wow… So its that easy to set up a fake business and grow pot the only reason he got caught is cause he failed to install proper filtering!


    Epic doh slap fail.. wonder how long this grow has been going on?

  2. 0

    tdotbudz said on Aug 14, 2012

    thats amazing

  3. 2

    Shining_Soul said on Aug 15, 2012

    That's like 4500/# all the way. Maybe the sticky shit is mad expensive in Europe… or maybe their cops suck as much at math as ours.

  4. 0

    Shining_Soul said on Aug 15, 2012

    closer to $5,000/# actually. either way.

  5. 1

    NISMOTOKER said on Aug 15, 2012

    thee owners have probably long cashed out by now…

  6. 4

    Max_Freedom said on Aug 15, 2012

    Video of the tunnel:

  7. 0

    Mrskunk420 said on Oct 12, 2012


    new link

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