Uruguay’s President Mnominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Legalizing Marijuana

 by lucy

Late last year, President Jose Mujica made Uruguay the first country to fully legalize marijuana for recreational use.  Now, the President has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his actions.

President Mujica’s candidacy for the Nobel Prize has been endorsed by the Drugs PEace Institute, as well as the PlantaTuPlanta (the collective of Uruguayan voters), the Latin American Coalition of Cannabis Activists, and members of Mujica’s political party, the Frente Amplio.

The Drugs Peace Institute said that Mujica’s stand against the UN-led prohibition of mind-altering substances is a “symbol of a hand outstretched, of a new era in a divided world.”

“It is a promise to bridge the gap between defiant marijuana consumers and the prohibiting society. Hopefully, the start of the acceptance of this consumption by society and the concomitant development of understanding of its use as a natural medicine, historically used for spiritual liberation, might initiate a process of healing in a world, very confused and deeply divided, over its religious legacy,” the Dutch NGO stated on its website.

Marijuana was legalized in Uruguay last December, with hopes to end the violence associated with drug cartels.  The government has until April 99 to finalize the regulations that will govern the country’s growth and sale of marijuana.

Last year, President Mujica made it to the top 10 finalists for a Peace Prize.  It was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons instead.



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