Barney Frank Speaks Out About Obama’s Medical Marijuana Crackdowns

 by lucy

Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank told The Hill that President Obama is making “a grave mistake” by cracking down on medical marijuana collectives throughout the country.  He continued, “It’s unfair and will hurt innocent people.”  Frank is speaking out shortly after the release of President Obama’s Rolling Stone interview, in which he tries to justify the crackdowns.

ARTICLE: Obama Justifies Federal Actions Against Medical Marijuana

Frank is known for his liberal viewpoints on marijuana, and has expressed his disappointment with the Obama administration for not keeping up campaign promises regarding marijuana.

Since 2009, the DEA and federal officials have raided over 100 medical marijuana collectives and facilities.  This greatly contrasts Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements that individuals in compliance with state medical marijuana laws would not be targeted as a priority for federal officials.

Frank has apparently told Obama directly that he is “making a mistake” when it comes to how medical marijuana is being handled in the country.


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    JackDanieL said on Apr 27, 2012

    I like Barney Frank, he is one of the few good ones in Washington. But it should be noted that he has not brought MMJ to Mass., nor is he seeking re-election.

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    Elvers said on Apr 28, 2012

    Our friend is getting older and is not being heard because he's old hat,and that's too bad. Keep fighting Barney!! we at lest appreciate what your trying to do for us.!! Rick Elvers

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    JustToking said on Apr 28, 2012

    This isn't Barney's first statement on the issue; I agree with Elvers that Barney is old and his wisdom isn't being heard and probably won't be since he announced he will not seek reelection. Being an "old fart" myself I know more of us "elders" need to speak up for this movement since we are becoing the major users due to illiness that we may experience!!! Disappointed as heck by Obama's not keeping his word and his piss poor explanation as to why his administrsation is far worse on MMJ growers, users and dispensaries than the previous administration! His statement "I can't nullify Federal Law" can be and should be read "but I can nullify State Law" that is what this adminstrations crack downs are doing!
    Peace and Smoke responsibly (like everyday)

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    420tokers said on May 1, 2012


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