California Company Releases Medical Marijuana Vending Machine

On Friday, Dispense Labs released an automated dispensary called Autospense, which distributes medical marijuana similarly to a vending machine.

To use the machine, patients would swipe their medical marijuana registration card and enter their personal PIN number, according to the company’s founder, Joe DeRobbio.  During off hours, patients are required to run their finger through a fingerprint scanner as additional verification.

From there, a patient is given a menu to select from, including different strains and quantities.  Payment can be made by cash, credit, or debit card.  After payment is entered, the door to the machine opens and patients are able to remove their medical marijuana.

“The facilities are secure,” DeRobbio said. “There are cameras outside and inside. There are alarm sensors around and in the machine. If there’s any type of forced entry, it sets off an alarm.”

Autospense is currently only allowed in collectives in Colorado and California.  DeRobbio initially designed the machine as a way to eliminate potential problems with the medical marijuana industry, such as theft or tax-tracking.

DeRobbio explained, “Medical marijuana, we believe, is here to stay.  Here’s a way that you can control that 800-pound gorilla.”



Image courtesy of Autospense

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    onlinenate said on Apr 21, 2012

    I thought they already had these in CA. Aren't they called MedBox or something like that?

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