California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Put on Hold

 by lucy

Today, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano cancelled a Senate committee vote on Assembly Bill 2312, which aimed to regulate and tax California’s medical marijuana industry.

The vote was cancelled because Ammiano wanted to allow the Businesses, Professions and Economic Development Committee to hold more hearings regarding the Bill, as well as issue a report on the matter after the legislative session is finished.

The hope is that an additional study could help to bolster the bill, building credibility and support among other legislators.

The bill would create a Bureau of Medical Marijuana Enforcement to oversee the entire medical marijuana industry in the state.  In addition, city governments would be able to tax medical marijuana products and collectives.

Overall, the bill would add legitimacy to the industry, cracking down on “rogue” collectives that don’t operate to the standards that some other collectives do.  With more concrete guidelines in place, it would be much simpler to determine which collectives are operating legally and which ones are skirting laws and should face repercussions from law enforcement or city officials.

Law enforcement associations who are opposed to the bill disagree that it will have that effect, however.  They have complained that the bill is “a giant permission slip for medical marijuana stores to operate in a virtual unfettered manner.”

Ammiano’s goal is to regroup when the new legislative session begins this fall.  He said in a statement that, “There is no doubt that my colleagues understand the need for this legislation, and I have a lot of faith in this committee that we can hammer out a well-balanced regulatory policy during the fall to answer calls from local governments, law enforcement including our Attorney General, patients, and the public to enact a highly regulated system for medical marijuana and provide a clear set of rules for everybody.”

The bill is currently considered to be “on hold.”



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