Colorado Medical Marijuana Advocates Write Letter to US Attorney

Eleven pro-medical marijuana organizations in Colorado have reached out in an open letter to US Attorney John Walsh today.  The letter expresses concern over recent actions by Walsh’s office– specifically the sending of letter to collectives asking that they close.

The letter also highlights the good that the Colorado medical marijuana industry has done so far.  Some of the highlights include that they have “…provided vital medicine to 164,000+ sick and disabled Colorado citizens whose doctors have recommended marijuana to them,” and that the groups are “working with the Denver City Council to foster sensible regulations,  including currently working on language to limit inappropriate advertisements, specifically public advertisements near schools and other sensitive areas.”

Overall, the message of the letter shows Walsh that these organizations have the same concerns about monitoring medical marijuana as Walsh does, but that the way to accomplish this is through regulation, not outright elimination.

The organizations which sent the letter include Sensible Colorado, Women’s Marijuana Movement, United Food and Commercial Workers Union: Local 7, Green Faith Ministry, Association of Cannabis Trades for Colorado, Coloradans 4 Cannabis Patients Rights, Cannabis Business Alliance, In Harmony Wellness Services, Medical Marijuana Business Alliance, and Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America.

This is not the first time that lawmakers and pro-MMJ organizations have reached out to Walsh.  Past efforts, however, have proved to have little impact on closure letters, or on the US Attorney’s actions.


[View Original Letter]

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    jibsnmoney said on Apr 11, 2012

    I love you CO Walsh csn suck it

  2. 0

    iwantpurp said on Apr 13, 2012

    lol. work on your punctuation. makes it sound like u love Walsh and the typo seems like news center CSN, can suck it. doesnt have to be correct punctuation, im not grammer police. just something to make it more easily understood


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    Elvers said on Apr 19, 2012

    hey iwantpurp, not putting you down jibsnmoney for his little era on the typewriter if you look at this the s and a are in about the same place. Even I make the mistake of doing this as well as everybody else. Unless your a print writer who looks for mistakes in the print before it goes in the paper. I know what there called but because of the head injuries I've had there are words I can't remember so I have to put it in print. with the csn thing read between the lines and put an a there in your head.And I agree with you iwantpurp, Walsh can suck it. He's not a public servant like everybody else is on the hill, so he can almost do what he want's, and I think that's most of what's wrong with the system we have in our government. Some ware out there, there should be someone who could change that law so the people have a say who's in and who's out. enough said Rick

  4. 0

    Elvers said on Apr 19, 2012

    sorry about that I did not agree with iwantpurp. It was jibsnmoney I agree with so it went into print the wrong way human era rick

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    HeadHunter said on Apr 19, 2012

    LOL the important thing is that Walsh CAN suck it. I bet he'll be jacking it in san francisco when we vote his fucking ass out of office. I mean, we can vote him out of office right? I'm stoned and dont really care, one way or another the sonofabitch is gonna listen to his constituents.

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