Colorado Mistakenly Sends Medical Marijuana Registry Information to Wrong People

 by lucy

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment “mistakenly” sent out sensitive information regarding individuals in the state’s marijuana registry, including name, date of birth, and Social Security numbers.

So far, there have been 15 cases where information about a medical marijuana patient was accidentally sent to the wrong person.

Director of the medical marijuana registry, Ron Hyman, said of the incidents, “We encourage people, anyone, who believe that they may have had an instance when their information was inappropriately handed out to contact us so we can make a corrective action.”

Hyman also explained, “In the past, we have had a mismatching of the registry cards and the cover letters and the mailing labels.”

In an email, Colorado Department of Health and Environment spokesman Mark Salley wrote of the incident that only .0025% of Colorado patients were impacted by the breach, which in his eyes demonstrates that breaches in security are rare.

It’s currently unknown whether more cases of improperly sent information have occurred and just not yet been brought forward.  The breach of security was revealed during a CALL7 (Denver’s local ABC affiliate) Investigation.



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