Colorado Proposes Responsible Vendors Bill for Collectives

 by lucy

Senate Bill 154, the Responsible Vendors Bill, has been proposed in Colorado.  The bill would direct the state to authorize a server and seller training program with emphasis upon acceptable forms of ID, appropriate record keeping, licenses, criminal liability, and patient confidentiality issues.

If collectives were to participate in the program, they would win the favor of the state.  Collectives that commit a regulatory violation would be able to avoid sanctions by participating in the program.

Colorado Senator Lois Tochtrop is the sponsor of the measure.  She said, “There’s so much negativity around the medical marijuana industry, and I think this will help.  It puts guidelines on servers that thy can work with — gets people educated, brings more clarity.”

The program would not be funded by the state.  Instead, collective owners who are participating in the program would pay for it.

The legislation is meant to be considered by the legislation on Wednesday.  Yesterday, Tochtrop met with Democratic colleagues, and today she plans to meet with Republican members of the business, labor and technology committee that she sits on.

Tochtrop says that she has faced little open opposition thus far, and she is hopeful that the bill will pass.



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