Connecticut Medical Marijuana Bill Passed by Committee

 by lucy

On Wednesday, the Connecticut General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee voted on a bill that would allow adults to legally use and access medical marijuana in the state.  The measure passed with a vote of 35 to 8.  The vote came after an hour’s worth of discussion amongst the Committee.

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Connecticut has been working toward medical marijuana legalization for over 10 years.  Supporters have said that this year’s proposed legislation is the most thought out, demonstrating a clear plan for regulation of the system.

Senator John Kissel, ranking member of the committee, explained that the passing of the bill is a matter of compassion.  He said, “When you sit here year-in and year-out and you listen to these individuals facing these really horrific circumstances in their lives, who are we to not allow them to access this if it gives them some comfort?”

ARTICLE: Support Shown For Connecticut Medical Marijuana Bill

Some of those who did not support the bill cited concerns over federal intervention, should the program be put into place.  In the pre-vote discussion, Republican Senator Michael McLachlan explained, “I’m sorry I just can’t find a way to understand why we’re sidestepping a federal law when we wink and tell the doctors it’s OK when the federal government says no.”

The bill will now move forward to the House for their consideration.



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    Elvers said on Mar 23, 2012

    I hope jt passes

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