Denver City Council Approves Medical Marijuana Advertising Ban

 by lucy

On Monday, the Denver City Council voted unanimously 12-0 to pass a ban on all outdoor advertising for medical marijuana collectives.  The types of banned ads include sign spinners, posters, billboards, handing out leaflets or placing them on car windshields, and bus benches.

The ban does not extend to television, radio, or print ads.  However, print ads will now have to have a disclaimer stating that the advertised products are intended only for Colorado medical marijuana patients.

Two plans were initially brought to the council– this one, and one that would have only banned medical marijuana advertising from appearing within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, and daycare facilities.  That proposed ban was voted down on Monday night.

According to councilman Herndon, “We’re still allowing advertising.  We just don’t want it in your face.”

The proposed bans elicited conflicting responses from medical marijuana advocates.  Some believed that the ban would help to legitimize the industry and help neighbors become more accepting of medical marijuana collectives.  Other advocates argued that advertising shouldn’t be limited because other types of pharmaceutical drugs are allowed to advertise without restriction.  Advocates opposing the ban also believed that the language of the ban was not clear enough, leaving collective owners in a potential legal gray area.

Despite conflicting opinions on the ban, the City Council was clear on their vote.  They did not deliberate and came to a decision in under sixty seconds.



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