Denver City Council will Hold Hearing About Medical Marijuana Advertising Ban

 by lucy

Tonight, the Denver, Colorado City Council will hold a public hearing about a proposed ban that would prohibit medical marijuana businesses from advertising in outdoor public places.

Medical marijuana advocates in the city are split on whether the ban should be enacted.

The Cannabis Business Alliance and its supporters believe that an advertising ban would negatively impact the industry and cause problems for business owners.  Kristen Thomson, spokeswoman for the CBA, is concerned that the guidelines are too unclear, stating, “It’s pretty short on specifics and for us it leaves many unanswered questions.”

Alternatively, the Medical Marijuana Industry Group and its supporters believe that an advertising ban would help to create a better image for the industry and appease neighbors who feel collectives are too “in your face.”  The group’s executive director Mike Elliot said in a statement that, “Because we want to be good community members, we can make reasonable concessions that satisfy community concerns.”

The ban was proposed earlier this year by council members Debbie Ortega and Christopher Herndon.  Ortega originally proposed a ban that would eliminate outdoor medical marijuana advertising within 1,000 feet of parks, schools and churches, but the newly proposed outright ban is expected to be favored by council members.

Should the ban pass, medical marijuana businesses would still be able to advertise in print publications, but they would not be able to advertise outdoors in public places with billboards or sign spinners.

The Denver City Council will be meeting to discuss the proposed advertising ban and hold a public hearing tonight at 5:30 PM at the City and County Building.  Individuals who wish to speak may sign up to do so 30 minutes before the meeting’s scheduled start time.


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    app25 said on Aug 15, 2012

    Waste of time, if it is legalized any propoganda and marketing scheme will be fair game, lets just put all schools on an island so kids can grow up pure and away from the reality of the world, maybe kids should be able to smoke pot so they stay away from bath salts incense prescribed pills cough medicine and alchohol…sometimes this world seems so backwards

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