Florida Stalls Medical Marijuana While Working to Ban Bongs

 by lucy

Almost 70 percent of Floridians approve of legalizing medical marijuana, but that does not seem to be influencing the motivations of state lawmakers.

A proposed medical marijuana bill, the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, has stalled out in the Senate and House, unable to get a hearing.  At the same time, a bill that would ban bongs and pipes in the state was unanimously approved by a Senate committee.

Representative Katie Edwards spoke out at a press conference Monday stating, “Shame on us as a Legislature for not taking the opportunity to hear this [medical marijuana] bill this year.”  Edwards was the bill’s sponsor.  She became passionate about legalizing medical marijuana after speaking with a number of cancer patients and hearing how MMJ helped to alleviate their symptoms.

She told ABC, “I thought, ‘these are real people’ and I cannot turn a blind eye and stick my head in the sand and pretend like it’s not happening, because it is.”

Medical marijuana opponent Representative Jimmy Patronis, has argued that people who want to use medical marijuana should move to a state where it’s legal, rather than tryto change Florida’s marijuana policies.

Some are hoping to bypass the House and Senate by collecting voter signatures to get an amendment legalizing medical marijuana on the November 2014 ballot. Orlando-based fundraiser John Morgan is leading the charge in Florida, taking on the task of collecting 700,000 signatures in order to get the measure on the ballot.

While Edwards is not opposed to this, she wishes the legislature would take a more proactive role.  She explained, “If voters mandate this upon us, we’re going to be reactionary.  I’d rather take a proactive role.  We could have a regulatory framework in place.”

Edwards plans to submit a compromised version of her medical marijuana bill next session, limiting medical cannabis use to oil, pill, or topical ointment in order to distance the perception of medical marijuana from recreational marijuana.

While a medical marijuana bill has floundered in Florida, there has been no hesitation from a committee that voted unanimously to prohibit the sale of bongs and pipes in Florida.  SB 1140 would prohibit the retail sale of certain ‘drug paraphernalia’ including “pipes and smoking devices.”  This bill was passed quickly on Monday by the Committee on Criminal and Civil Justice on a vote of 6-0.



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    Buddzyy said on Apr 3, 2013

    Banning pipes and bongs?? People still use pipes to smoke tobacco….. Florida politicians need to get their rich ass republican heads out of their asses

    • 4

      Heaven10 said on Apr 3, 2013

      Its not just republicans man, its people who are ignorant and stuck in the times of the past. Im a hardcore republican/Libertarian and i believe it should be up to the states whether they want medical marijuana or not. Federal government shouldn't get involved as doing so will infringe on states right to decide whats best for it's people. Now the bill to illegalize bongs and pipes might just be illegalizing weed pipes and bongs. They probably will still sell them at smokeshops but will be forced to call bongs "water pipes" and pipes "tobacco pipes."

      • 4

        K-Budzz said on Apr 3, 2013

        "people who are ignorant and stuck in times of the past"= Republican

        • 2

          Shazam said on Apr 4, 2013

          THAT seems ignorant to say. Republicans ain't the only ones who are ignorant, trust me. Under our government it only takes two to tango. The problems is not ignorant Republicans or ignorant Democrats but rather all kinds of people. Ignorance isn't limited to one political party, two parties, or 20. What it boils down to is that many people are ignorant. Especially politicians.

          It's sad to see this is what its come to in Florida. Still don't see how its going to stop people from getting pipes and bongs. What the politicians fail to realize is you can't stop stoners from smoking weed – we'll find a way around it!! Maybe you can't hit up your local headshop for one but there are plenty of other options – Nuggetry Glass, online headshops, and of course hopping the state border. peace n pot

  2. 4

    HumCoast said on Apr 3, 2013

    Sounds like they're actually banning the import or sale of glass pipes and bongs regardless of what you call them. This seems seriously wrong freedom wise, and I would be making plans to leave Florida if this is their mindset. Using pipes and various bongs or hookahs is a birthright, dictated by centuries of cultural tradition. Tell the tribes of Africa, or the natives of Thailand that baungs are now illegal here, that the gifts they passed on are a punishable offense. What a disgrace Florida!

  3. 4

    Wentworth said on Apr 3, 2013


  4. 2

    jtwpayne said on Apr 3, 2013

    people always have papers and vaporizers, still that sucks, dont see how banning bongs does anything but make us potsmokers more cautious and make us have to roll up more lol, thus making us smoke more to get high n make us have to buy more, this whole thing is going to backfire when more people r just going to be walking around town smoking or the sale of papers is going to go way up, this is just making people use more pot,which is what the state is trying to prevent, so funny,

  5. 1

    YDAETSwolf said on Apr 3, 2013

    I cant wait to leave Florida. The state lawmakers are such uneducated fools. I hate how the whole thing is up to them

  6. 2

    eddie273273 said on Apr 5, 2013

    You'll notice how your elected representatives say it what "they" want and not what the people who they allegedly represent want . They are elected to do what the people want . They are PUBLIC SERVANTS not despotic rulers .
    Stand up for your rights send them a message and vote them out of office .
    Send an email write a letter make a phone call everyday and tell them they are wrong and that's not what you want . Make them wish they never ran for office .

  7. 4

    CheeseGirl said on Apr 5, 2013

    I live in Florida and this would directly effect my business and what they are failing to understand is Florida has the perfect weather to make an amazing impact on our economy, crops would flourish here and it would also stop illegal trafficking here in the gulf, so our crime rate would radically drop.Outlawing water pipes is just a slap in the face saying they will stay in the dark ages where they are comfortable and medical use will not be approved here anytime soon unfortunately.

  8. 1

    slowwevo said on Apr 7, 2013

    this is really simple go to the.gov website find the member list of each committee and send a email with your disapproval,and you can inform him/her he will not see another vote next election as well

  9. 1

    slowwevo said on Apr 7, 2013

    same apply's for the sb1250/hb1139 bill..it was put to subcommittee,then nothing,and whats worse,watching 60 days of live stream,and seeing how little they actually do,plenty of time to address it but hidden agendas seem to be pulling the strings

  10. 1

    slowwevo said on Apr 7, 2013

    I also like how the only hour missing in archive for 3/5 is 1 hour out of the 4 in the senate/house joint sessions,that had exactly what was said regarding 1250/1139……suspect?? 1 hour secret sessions not cool breh

  11. 3

    xxfinnacexx said on Apr 8, 2013

    This Representative Jimmy Patronis fellow is a fucking idiot. " Just move to another state rather than change the policies." What about if you have lived in FL your whole life? ALL the taxes we have payed. and all the business we have supported to help the ecomony here in FL just means nothing? Just because I want to do something in my house which has no affect on anyone else means that I have to move out and find a new state? These fucking scumbags in office push their beliefs on others because they are religious psychopaths or they are being payed off to do it. These motherfuckers need to get a reality check…..PROTEST ANYONE?

  12. 0

    Denzidrine said on Apr 9, 2013

    Them good ole boys out there in cowcity only smoke roll-em-ups, it's known fact!

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