Fort Collins Collectives Prepare to Close

 by lucy

In Fort Collins, CO, a voter approved ban on medical marijuana collectives and grow operations goes into place on Tuesday, February 14th.  Collectives in the area only have 2 weeks left to determine the next step for their business.

A number of collectives have already closed their doors and faced inspection by Fort Collins police.  So far, the inspections are said to have gone smoothly, and collective owners appear to be in compliance with the ban.  In some of the inspections, large amounts of marijuana were surrendered to police, who destroyed it.

Some owners plan to move their shops to nearby towns where collectives have not yet been banned.  Other owners have decided to ride it out; they’re optimistic that eventually the ban will be overturned and that they’ll be able to reopen their doors to Fort Collins patients one day.

Medical marijuana collectives have until 7PM on February 14th to close their doors.  The businesses have until midnight that day to dispose of all marijuana, including finished product, plants, or marijuana infused items.  Any product found in closing businesses after that time by Fort Collins police will be seized and destroyed.

As of February 2010, there were 58 collectives in the city that had received city sales tax licenses.  In 2011, the city issued 21 business licenses for collectives.  As of this weekend, 14 collectives and grow ops had already closed, while 4 collectives notified the city that they would be moving their business to other cities in the area.



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