Governor Jan Brewer Signs Measure to Ban Medical Marijuana on Arizona Campuses

 by lucy

Late last week, the Arizona Senate approved a measure that would ban medical marijuana use and possession on college campuses throughout the state.  Medical marijuana activists still held out hope that Governor Jan Brewer would veto the measure, either due to her fear of litigation or wanting to  help progress the Arizona medical marijuana program.  Unfortunately, yesterday Brewer decided to sign the measure into law, effectively banning medical marijuana on college campuses in Arizona.

The ban is set to take effect this summer.

ARTICLE: Arizona Senate Approves Ban on Medical Marijuana on College Campuses

Supporters of the ban explained their concern that allowing medical marijuana on college campuses could lead to federal backlash in the form of cutting funding to the schools,

Medical marijuana has been legal in Arizona since 2010, but the program has faced a number of setbacks throughout the years.  Many of the setbacks have been reactionary– after witnessing crackdowns in California, Washington State, and Colorado, many Arizona officials wanted to reevaluate aspects of their own program.

It is expected that patients, collective owners, or medical marijuana activists will legally challenge the ban in the coming weeks.



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    Elvers said on Apr 4, 2012

    well she really screwed up this time the state will get sued over this one. I was hoping against hope she wouldn’t sign it but she fucked up again!!!

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