High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Winners Announced

 by lucy

The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup took place this past weekend, but not without a few glitches.  The event faced resistance from the cities of Los Angeles and Glendale, forcing them to change venues twice.

The event finally found a home at NOS Center in San Bernardino, and overall it was a success.  Redman and The Game performed, even smoking blunts on stage, Tommy Chong was presented a lifetime achievement award, and a number of prominent speakers held seminars.

The culmination of the weekend, however, was the presentation of the Cup winners.  Check them out below:

1 – Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar by River City Phoenix/ Kiva Confections
2 – Sweet Stone Gummy Bears by Magnolia Wellness
3 – Strawberry Lemonade by Buds and Roses/The Venice Cookie Company

1 – Girl Scout Cookies by Life Is Good
2 – Veganic Tahoe OG by Buds and Roses
3 – Banana OG  by Cool Calm Collective

1 – Godfather OG by Alpha Medic
2 – OG Eddy Lepp by 3rd Gen Family
3 – Grimace OG by Archive Seedbank

1 – Tanj by Reserva Privada
2 – Veganic Ghost Train Haze #1 by Buds and Roses
3 – Red Congolese by Magnolia Wellness

CBD AWARD (For highest level of CBD)
GDP Sandman by Grandaddypurp Collective

1 – Honey B OG Nectar by Green Coast Deliveries
2 – The Wheezy by IECC
3 – Tan-G Shatter by Fresh Off the Bud Extractions

1 – Lemon OG Solvent-less Wax BAMF Extractions by Buds and Roses
2 – Tangerine OG Solvent-less Wax by Greenest Green LA/Essential Extracts
3 – Dairy Queen Solvent-Free Wax by “The Real” Medical Collective.

Cup winning strains tend to go quickly, but if you get a chance you should definitely snag some up!

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  1. 0

    Mr_DabMaN said on Feb 18, 2013

    sounds rigged to me ….

  2. 0

    Mr_DabMaN said on Feb 18, 2013

    Any event with the High Times name attached to it..should be avoided

  3. 1

    DabbinDill said on Feb 18, 2013

    That's how Greenhouse Seed Co supposedly got all their Cannabis Cup wins… Their seeds suck from what I've heard from lotta ppl

  4. 0

    Envious said on Feb 18, 2013

    they also named Pure glass as Glass of the year….chinese rip-off artists…. i know its out there but i have heard things about HT being some sort of GOV BS… Craig X talked about that and starting to look more real if u think about it

  5. 0

    FuzzyNugz said on Feb 18, 2013

    just wait till it comes to colorado. The LA cup had lots of controversy surrounding it, denver will be much more chill

  6. 3

    Chubbs said on Feb 20, 2013

    Pure beats a Torch Tube? In what fucked up world is this possible?

    The fix is in for sure on this one.

  7. 1

    DabbinDill said on Feb 22, 2013

    Yea that's straight up ridiculous! I used to have a pure… It was ok but there are dozens if not hundreds of glass cos that absolutely kick pyres mass produced chinese glass…. And greenhouse seeds have horrid germ rates and hermie problems i don't think I've heard a good thing bout their seeds

  8. 2

    DabbinDill said on Feb 22, 2013

    I meant kick pures ass… Effin auto corrector :p

  9. 1

    Dillinger said on Feb 24, 2013

    Anyone know who 3rd Gen Family is? All there entries looked FIRE.

  10. 2

    Dillinger said on Feb 24, 2013

    Also the Glass cat. is a fucking joke. Sovereignty, mobius, Olympic, Hitman,
    Kush Scientific, Pyrology, Toro and even Illadelphs stuff even though I am not a fan of illadelph are better in every way. Pulse or pure or whatever it is can not even be mentioned with the names I listed. How about a Hitman Torch tube getting 2nd place? The wife and I had this discussion and she is pretty sure we (nuggetry members) are the type of people or the level of users of flowers and concentrates
    that is on that next level. This is a way of life for us and maybe even the editors at high times don't take there medicating instruments serious enough to buy $500 to $10k pieces of glass. I personally think any patient or recreational stoner is going to get around enough to know a Mobius Stereo matrix stacks like a dream and that a Sovereignty Stem to 8 is the best flower rig ever made or that a Peyote Peyote Pillar is magic. My wife
    has smoked with me for 16 years and until we had this conversation she thought I spent $250 Max on my Peyote Pillar. I am actually in some trouble but I let her hit my 7 year old beaker and she can actually see why we spend the bucks we do. I just don't think that many patients know there is something better. Or High Times is giving awards for how many ads and how big they were for the year. I have never seen a Toro or Sovereignty ad. Think about it.

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