Judge in Favor of Medical Marijuana Passes Away

 by lucy

Gustin Reichbach, a New York state Supreme Court justice who spoke out earlier this year about his use and support of medical marijuana, has passed away from pancreatic cancer.  Reichbach was 65 years old.

During his time as a judge, Reichbach was known for pushing the limits.  He was dubbed “the pot-smoking judge” for his use and support of medical marijuana, and “the condom judge” for handing out free condoms and STD testing to prostitutes in the city.

Reichbach was an avid medical marijuana supporter, and cited in a New York Times op-ed piece that the drug helped him manage the pain, nausea, and difficulty eating he experienced as symptoms of his pancreatic cancer.  After sharing his own story, Reichbach urged lawmakers to support medical marijuana legalization for patients suffering similar hardships to his own.

After his cancer diagnosis, Reichbach was only given four to six months to live.  He beat the odds, living for an additional three and a half years.  The last years of his life were filled with travel, family, and activism for the causes he cared about.


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    said on Jul 16, 2012

    Glad he could find some relief and beat the odds. Cannabis or not, thanks for using your voice for good your honor.

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    Elvers said on Jul 17, 2012

    I hope when he went it was quiet for him I'm 65 myself and I can appreciate where this is coming from.I hope the family get's over it quickly and his wife lives on with hers. I say that in do respect because the ones they care fore like that it's hard to get over their death and go on with life. And lady your still a good looker, keep it going. I will definitely miss him because of the why he came out and stood up for the other people with their medical problems.R.I.P I'm also glad he beat the odds by 3 and a half years.!!

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    alpha said on Jul 18, 2012

    He spoke the truth when he knew he could be looked down upon by his peers. Thanks for speaking up! MAKE NY LEGAL!-Stay well lifted!

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