Maine Health Officials Consider Updates to Medical Marijuana Law

 by lucy

Medical marijuana was legalized in Maine in 2009.  Now, the state Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a new set of rules to the system, which would be the first changes since the law was put into place.

The rules would help to make things easier and more discreet for patients.  The first change would be to make optional a state ID system that is meant to keep track of the patients enrolled in the program.

Additionally, under the proposed rules police would not be allowed to seize marijuana belonging to a patient, dispensary, or caregiver unless the amount of marijuana is over the legal limit for the groups, or if the seizure is tied in to a criminal investigation.

One change that medical marijuana caregivers are not in favor of is the requirement of an 8-foot fence around any outdoor medical marijuana grow as well as sufficient exterior lighting to ensure surveillance.  Typical fences are 6-feet tall, so this added height requirement could create new and unnecessary costs for growers and caregivers.

A public hearing on the proposed rules is set to take place on August 13th in the Health and Human Services Committee Room in the Cross Office Building in Augusta, ME.  The public is able to comment on the proposed changes up until August 23rd.


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