Lawsuit Filed Against CU Boulder For Closing Campus on 4/20

 by lucy

Marijuana activists are suing University of Colorado Boulder because the University decided to close the campus on 4/20 in order to stave off marijuana smokers and enthusiasts who have gathered on the campus in past years.

The activists are being represented by pro-marijuana attorney Rob Corry, who is trying to secure a hearing for this afternoon.  Corry told the Huffington Post, “To my knowledge, there has never been a case where a public university has blockaded and shut down its entire campus to squelch free speech activity there.”

The University’s chancellor, Philip DiStefano, dismissed the gathering as a protest for legalization and patients rights, instead likening it to a party.  University policy allows the chancellor to shut down the campus for a few reasons, one of which is “disruption,” which is what DiStefano has determined the 4/20 event to be.

Corry disputed DiStefano’s claims, explaining to Huffington Post that, “There is no evidence that this is a “disruption” to CU’s mission. In fact, this peaceful protest is entirely consistent with CU’s mission of education and empowering students and citizens to engage in open discussion and exchange of ideas regarding relevant issues of the day.”

According to a press release from CU Boulder, only students will be allowed on campus, and students will need to display their ID cards in order to be permitted on the premises.  In addition, the location of the event in past years, Norlin Quad, will be closed to all people, including students.

The 4/20 celebration at CU Boulder has been one of the most prominent 4/20 events in the country for years.


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    Kenobi said on Apr 19, 2012

    Wow! Way to disappoint CU Boulder.

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    Thebakerboy420 said on Apr 20, 2012

    As a former CU student I am ashamed of this. If I still were a student there I would be extremely upset. Totally unnecessary.

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    HeadHunter said on Apr 22, 2012

    Boulder sucks anyways, I hope enrollment drops off because of it. They still believe in free speach in Denver at least. (loving this DeathStar right now). Happy 420 everybody!

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