Marijuana Legalization Measure Won’t Appear on Montana’s Ballot in November

 by lucy

On Friday, Montana’s Secretary of State Linda McCulloch announced that Montana’s amendment to legalize medical marijuana has failed to qualify for the November general election ballot.

The legalization measure, CI-110, needed 48,000 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.  By the deadline on Friday, supporters had handed in less than 18,000 valid signatures.

The measure was sponsored by Barb Trego.  She expressed her disappointment that the measure failed to make it onto the ballot.  “We didn’t make it,” she explained.  “We just ran out of time.  We just got going too late.”

Gathering signatures for the initiative was delayed multiple times because sponsors had to edit the proposal’s language due to objections from state officials.  The language had to be in its final form before sponsors could begin seeking out support.

Now that the language has been finalized, Trego believes efforts moving forward will be simpler in the future.  She said, “We’re not giving up.  When we do it the next time, we’ll be more prepared.”

Despite the failure of CI-110, marijuana advocates will still have something to vote on this November.  Medical marijuana initiative IR-124 will be on the ballot, which would give voters the chance to reject the May 2011 update to the state’s medical marijuana law SB 423.  SB 423 greatly restricted medical marijuana patients’ rights, making it difficult for patients to obtain a doctor’s recommendation and safely access their medicine.



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    BA said on Jul 23, 2012

    Too many right wing hillbillies in Montana.

  2. 1

    SnapThtFckinBowl said on Jul 24, 2012

    too much ignorance in montana is all. we need national advertising campaigns. so frustrating… I think all mmj collectives in all the medical states should put funds together and start doing commercials and billboard ads promoting marijuana education. Or marijuana re-education rather.

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    Nadroj said on Aug 8, 2012

    Lots of right wing hillbillies that smoke weed too man… but just as many that dont! We gotta billboard in Billings telling people to vote no on IR124 which would bring back our old mmj laws that made our industry so awesome in the first place. You guys should visit Montana before you talk about it lol…

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