Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Faces Opposition

 by lucy

The issue of medical marijuana will likely come to a public vote this November in Massachusetts, and individuals who oppose the potential legalization are beginning to rally against the legislation.

An MMJ legalization bill is currently being stalled by the State Legislature, but supporters of the issue are working diligently to gather signatures throughout the state.  If the Legislature does not take up the issue, signature gatherers will have an even harder road ahead of them.

In order to get the issue on the November General Election Ballot, supporters must collect just under 70,000 valid signatures.  No more than 25% of the signatures may come from residents in any one county.  If the Legislature does not take up the issue of medical marijuana, supporters will have to collect an additional 11,000 signatures.  They have until June 19th to collect and submit the signatures in order to get the measure onto the ballot.

The Massachusetts Prevention Alliance opposes the ballot, because they feel as though the wording of the ballot question is “misleading.”  President of the Alliance, Heidi Heilman, said that the question does not “adequately” detail the patient and treatment center registration system that would be run by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

In addition, an Alliance of physicians in the state are skeptical of the measure; they are uncertain of whether there is sufficient medical evidence and scientific research to warrant legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

The ballot question was proposed by the Committee for Compassionate Medicine.  They believe that the question was drafted clearly and adequately details the licensing process.  According to CCM spokeswoman Jennifer Manley, “We drafted the initiative petition to make the Massachusetts medical marijuana law the safest in the country.”

Despite the recent influx of negative attention from opponents, supporters of medical marijuana in Massachusetts say they are convinced voters will be on their side.

Bill Downing of MassCann, the local chapter of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, said he believes there is no other issue in Massachusetts “that garners nearly as much attention.”  In addition, he stated that collecting signatures is currently ahead of schedule, though he did not disclose how many signatures they had collected so far.




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    said on Jun 4, 2012

    Hope things work out.

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    Elvers said on Jun 5, 2012

    get the signatures on the ballot and leave out the 25 mile limit so patients can grow their own.I'm from AZ so ask me these questions.I have my mmj card.

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    BuDrO said on Jun 6, 2012

    Me 2 @butaneoil, i live in ma and i can be prescribed so this wud b awesome

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    spkavyo said on Jun 6, 2012

    To the Mass. Prevention Alliance: The details can be worked out. Just set the start date several months into the future. It got a little crazy in CO when the regulatory system was set up by lawmakers, but it has calmed down and is working great. I've had my card since 2010 and have been to several dispensaries and they all seem to be on the well run and compliant with our laws. To the Alliance of doctors: It is a very effective medicine with an unusual delivery system, that's all. Don't condemn the medicine because you don't like one way it is delivered, read the scientific data that proves it is medicine, and that it works best when all the ingredients present in the natural bud are consumed.
    To the people of Mass. It is the best medicine for nerve pain I have ever used, and I have a 39 year history of back pain and have tried all the prescription meds. I still use prescriptions, but less of them thanks to MMJ.

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