Medical Marijuana Bill Passed by Georgia House Committee

 by lucy

On Wednesday a Georgia House Panel passed a bill that would allow medical marijuana to be grown and consumed by patients suffering from debilitating conditions including cancer, glaucoma, and seizures.

Haleigh’s Hope Act, named after 4-year old Haleigh Cox, who suffers from epilepsy and experiences over 100 seizures per day, was sponsored by Representative Allen Peake.

If passed, the bill would allow the Georgia Composite Medical Board to oversee the use of marijuana oils and pills to treat patients in need within an academic medical center research setting.

The medical marijuana bill is limited, allowing only academic research centers to grow and provide marijuana to patients.  Homegrowing or collectives would not be allowed.  Additionally, cancer, glaucoma, and epilepsy would be the only three approved conditions for medical marijuana use.

Peake explained, “That’s the last thing we want is to allow folks to start growing cannabis in their backyard or anyone, even a business, to do it at this point.  We’re just doing it for academic research centers.”

Some medical marijuana advocates, including the Marijuana Policy Project, are asking Georgia legislators to expand the scope of the bill, calling such a limited medical marijuana system “unworkable.”

The bill will now move to the House.  If it passes there, it will go on to the Senate for approval.



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