Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Florida

 by lucy

On Monday, two Florida lawmakers introduced identical bills to legalize medical marijuana in the 2014 legislative session.  Senators Joe Saunders and Jeff Clemens introduced the bills that would pre-empt medical marijuana legalization prior to a vote of the people on a constitutional amendment this November.

The amendment, and the newly introduced legislation, would specify tight state regulation for doctors to prescribe marijuana for treatment of conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS and other severe afflictions.

Identically worded bills were introduced in both houses of the state legislature on Monday, offering greater ease of passage.

This is not the first time that medical marijuana legislation has been introduced by Florida lawmakers.  This marks the fourth session where some form of medical marijuana legalization legislation has been introduced.

If the bills presented by Senators Saunders and Clemens fail in both the House and the Senate, there will still be the medical marijuana question on the November election ballot.  Activists believe that has a strong chance of passing, as recent polls have shown over 80% of Florida voters approve of legalizing medical marijuana.  The amendment needs 60% support in order to become law.

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    SweetSoulB said on Feb 12, 2014

    DO IT. Georgia had better follow suit!! Don't wanna be shown up by any red-eyed gators…

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    Trey Combs said on Feb 15, 2014

    BRAVO, Senators Saunders & Clemons as you represent the will of 80% of your state's voters! Hopefully, the light will shine on the Sunshine State & the issue's FOURTH time at bat will produce a base hit – maybe even a home run! Good Luck with the bills' progress through your state's legislature…

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