Medical Marijuana Caregiver Sentenced to Jail For Growing Too Many Plants

 by lucy

Erik Johansson, a registered medical marijuana grower, was arrested in September 2010 for growing above the legal amount of medical marijuana plants in his Rhode Island home.  In early 2012, Johansson pleaded guilty to the federal charge of manufacturing 100 or more marijuana plants.

Today, Johansson was sentenced to 18 months in prison for growing 183 medical marijuana plants in his home growing operation.  In addition, after his release Johansson must serve supervised release for 4 years and take 72 drugs tests per year (6 per month).

Johansson was a registered medical marijuana grower in Rhode Island.  Police who conducted the search on his home found his state ID cards when executing their warrant in 2010.

Rhode Island’s medical marijuana bill was passed by a Senate and House override vote in 2006.  Under state law, primary caregivers can possess up to 24 marijuana plants and 5 ounces of harvested marijuana for qualifying patients.  The Rhode Island Department of Health is responsible for connecting patients and caregivers.

Up until 2009, caregivers were the only means Rhode Island patients had to receive medical marijuana, unless they grew it themselves.  However, in 2009 the law was amended to allow compassion centers which will act as brick and mortar locations where patients can access their medication.



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