Medical Marijuana Grower Sues to Stop Legalization Initiative in Washington

 by lucy

I-502 is Washington state’s marijuana legalization initiative, which is set to appear on the November general election ballot.  Some medical marijuana growers and advocates are now suing to have the measure removed from the ballot, claiming that it does not warn voters of the measure’s costs.

The lawsuit has been filed by Steve Sarich, a medical marijuana grower and advocate.  He is joined by medical marijuana advocates Arthur West and John C. Worthington, as well as Saroj Sidhu, a woman arrested during medical marijuana collective raids earlier this year.  The lawsuit was filed last week in King Country Superior Court.

In their lawsuit, the opponents allege, ““The (Office of Financial Management) deliberately suppressed the foreseeable financial impacts of I-502.   [The initiative will have] unknown and possibly ruinous costs, the full and reasonably foreseeable extent of which have been deliberately suppressed under a cloud of politically motivated and partisan misdirection.”

The state Office of Financial Management will evaluate the measure and must issue their opinion about whether it will have a positive or negative impact on the state if passed by voters by August 10th.

In addition to the cost of the measure, opponents of the initiative are worried that the impaired driving limitations imposed under I-502 would penalize patients who had previously smoked marijuana but are physically okay to drive.  I-502 would also greatly impact the state’s medical marijuana program, as patients would be able to access their medicine more simply, eliminating the current demand for MMJ doctors, growers, and collectives.

Attorneys for the state have not yet responded to the lawsuit.  It is expected that they will do so in a matter of weeks.



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    BA said on Jul 20, 2012

    As somebody that lives in Washington, I have to say that I-502 is the worst legalization initiative possible. It punishes REAL patients and gives all power to the government.

    On one hand…it's legalization. On the other hand, it's extremely strict and government controlled legalization.

    I'm on the ropes. If you vote no, people like Marc Emery will condemn me for not passing the first shitty initiative to come along to get the "ball rolling" for the movement. If I vote yes, I put myself in great risk of a DUI even though I never drive medicated. I just have the metabolites in my bloodstream because of a legitimate gastrointestinal disease.

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      TrichomeHead said on Jul 20, 2012

      I'm with you brother, I too am a Washington MMJ Patient and although it gives access to everyone of age, it still won't be legal to grow and the DUI limit is utterly rediculous. Not to mention the insanely high tax of something like 80%.

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      559airandtrees said on Jul 22, 2012

      according to the DSM a positive test for cannabiods(sp) isn't a indication of intoxication. I feel like i'd throw that at the cop. Its a book written by thousands of doctors lol.

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    ensignharry said on Jul 20, 2012

    yeah but keep in mind non patient deserve to have MJ too not just you card holders, i agree 502 is shit but be careful not be greedy patients

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    Elvers said on Jul 21, 2012

    ensignharry, I have seizure problems and have to smoke frequently so excuse me for being a greedy patient. it's not being greedy it's the way some of us have to live.ifyou don't understand it try getting one at a good Drs. office not one that just specializes in pot,! but in general medicine and see how far you get a card. and by law you have to have been with your Dr. for three to five years to test you to make sure your not screwing around. so just don't say you card holders when you don't know what your talking about.

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    app25 said on Jul 22, 2012

    I haven't read up on this as much as I woul have liked allow can say is I'm glad they have people comin forward to get a better proposition I'm glad Colorado has great advocates that have our back on this years ballot. Remember there is a difference in regulation and legalization.

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    AugustWest said on Jul 22, 2012

    Elvers, your life is no more valuable than the next mans. Patients suffer from all sorts of things, and some of them may not meet the technical requirements for mmj even though they know it helps them tremendously. I-502 probably isn't the answer, but don't be so quick to act holier than thou.

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    socbutter said on Jul 22, 2012

    These legalizations bills don't come up for a vote all that often. How many in the last forty years? Sure you can remember prop 19. These initiatives will have a dominoe effect on the remaining states. A model for other states on how cannabis can be tax and regulated. Just like Colorado's medical program.

    No more $600 per ounce of medicine from these so call compassionate caregivers.

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    Elvers said on Jul 22, 2012

    AugustWest, it isn't being holy er than thou, it's the facts of life, if you can't handle it hay what can I say!!

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    CannaGrowr2012 said on Jul 23, 2012

    if it isn't the government trying to pull a fast one on dumb stoners…. I too am from wa and have researched this bill top to bottom…They control how many "dispensaries" per county including non at all. They can limit thc levels….and saving the best for last…the passing of a joint or bong from friend to friend is still a class c felony. That's right… No more puff puff pass…. Everyone has to have there own product to smoke.. Ahhh look into what Oregon is doing one state under. Their plan makes sense. No bs duid crap either. Oregon here I come.

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