Medical Marijuana Patients in New Jersey Can Now Register for ID Cards

 by lucy

Today, New Jersey medical marijuana patients can begin registering for their patient ID cards.  Patients with conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, and MS can register on the state Department of Health’s website,, after being evaluated by an approved physician.

There are approximately 150 doctors registered in the state to recommend medical marijuana for their patients.

A patient registration card costs $200 and lasts for 2 years.  Patients on medicare of medicaid only have to pay $20 for their card.

Although the registration process is beginning for patients, that does not mean that they will have access to marijuana right away.  The state DOH has granted approval on a preliminary basis to 6 nonprofit collectives.  The first that is is expected to open will not do so until next month at the earliest.

Other collectives are still working to find locations and receive permits from the counties in which they are located.  Although collectives are not ready to open yet, the opening of the registration process now will allow patients to be proactive so there are no delays once medical marijuana shops are ready.

Medical marijuana advocates are pleased that patients will be able to be ready to pick up their medicine as soon as collectives open their doors.  Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, a sponsor of New Jersey’s medical marijuana law, explained that, “The opening of a patient registry is a crucial and welcome step.  This represents the light at the end of the tunnel.”



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