Medical Marijuana Regulations Proposed in Illinois

 by lucy

On Tuesday, Illinois officials revealed proposed regulations for the state’s medical marijuana pilot program.  The 48-page document reveals the Department of Health’s proposal, and now the public has a chance to comment before the proposal is officially submitted to the state.

“We’re really excited about a really transparent process. It’s quite unprecedented for us to go through these steps,” Bob Morgan, coordinator of the state’s medical cannabis program, told the AP. The law gave the department until the end of April to write regulations, but the department is posting rules early to allow time for public comment, Morgan said.

Under the proposal, medical marijuana patients in Illinois qould be required to undergo a background check, be fingerprinted, and pay $150 annually for a medical marijuana identification card.

The proposed rules specify that a bona fide physician-patient relationship must go beyond a simple recommendation for medical cannabis or a consultation for that purpose. They list records that must be maintained by doctors and they allow the department to inspect cultivation centers.

Additionally, the regulations explain how the state will be able to add new qualifying conditions to the current list over over 30 illnesses that could allow a patient to be eligible to use medical marijuana.  The state would create a nine-member advisory board that would review petitions for adding medical conditions to the list.  On the board would be eight health professionals from the fields of pain management, cancer, infectious disease, psychiatry, neurology, pharmacy, family medicine, and medical ethics.  The final member would be a patient advocate.
Applications for patients wishing to receive a medical marijuana ID card will be accepted starting in the fall of 2014.  Applications will be accepted in two waves in order to avoid a backlog.  Patients with last names starting in A-L will be able to start submitting their applications in September or October, while the second wave, for patients with last names starting M-Z, will begin in November or December.  Starting in 2015, applications will be accepted from anyone year round.

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    spkavyo said on Jan 22, 2014

    Sounds a lot like how CO got started. It was $135.00 a year for a medical card the first year I started, they're dropping it to $15.00 this year because they've got too much money in the bank.
    What is wrong with a doctor specializing in medical marijuana? If you need a back surgeon you go to a specialist, why not have a specialist for mmj?

  2. 2

    eddie273273 said on Jan 23, 2014

    Background checks finger printed ????
    Does everyone who sees a doctor in Illinois have to get a background check and finger printed ?
    What happens when you go to the emergency room at a hospital . …. background check and finger prints before you bleed out .
    Makes me think they are treating people who want to use marijuana like CRIMINALS .

  3. 0

    grokit said on Jan 23, 2014

    I agree this is BS, treating patients like criminals by fingerprinting, $ gouging, and loss of privacy: "allow the department to inspect cultivation centers". But you can brew/ferment your own beer and wine all day long no problem what a freaking crock of doodoo!

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