Medical Marijuana Viewpoints Separating Candidates in Oregon Attorney General Race

 by lucy

Oregon will elect a new Attorney General on May 15th during the state’s Primary Election.  The candidates’ viewpoints on marijuana and medical marijuana are very different, which is important in a race where all of the candidates are Democrats who share many of the same views.

Candidate Ellen Rosenblum, a retired Court of Appeals Judge, has stated that she’ll make marijuana enforcement a low priority, should she be elected. Rosenblum has described the state’s medical marijuana system as “an adolescent with growing pains,” recognizing that small changes may need to be made to the program.

Her opponent, Former federal prosecutor Dwight Holton, has taken a more conservative stance, calling marijuana law in Oregon a “train wreck.”  In addition, Holton was the state’s US Attorney when marijuana growing operations were raided by the DEA, despite the fact that they were legal under Oregon state law.  Holton believes that it is too easy to get a medical marijuana card in the state and that “medical” growers are still supplying the black market.

The Attorney General is the highest level of attorney in the state, acting as a counselor or legal advisor to their state agencies.  They also have the power to enforce state and federal laws to the extent that they deem appropriate.  Depending upon who voters in Oregon choose to be their new Attorney General, there could be a significant impact on the state’s medical marijuana program.
Oregon’s current Attorney General, John Kroger, was elected in 2oo8 after winning the race for Attorney General in every county.  He has decided not to seek another term due to illness.



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    420tokers said on Apr 30, 2012

    I'm defiantly voting for Ellen Rosenblum this year

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    420tokers said on Apr 30, 2012


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